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Blackwood Roundabout Upgrade Project

About the Project

The $3.5 million Blackwood roundabout upgrade will improve traffic efficiency and safety as well as pedestrian access through the high traffic area.

The upgrade will include:

  • Construction of a new, larger roundabout
  • Road resurfacing
  • New line marking
  • Landscaping and monument conservation and relocation
  • Lighting upgrades

What's happened to date?

Following the project announcement in June 2017, the department began consultation with the community and stakeholders in the Blackwood area and sought feedback from the wider community on the concept design.

More than 300 written submissions were received regarding the project with common themes including:

  • Relocation of the Blackwood War Memorial
  • Prevention of right turn from Coromandel Parade into the Magnet Shopping Centre car park
  • Left slip lane from Main Road to Coromandel Parade and associated impact to the grassed area
  • Pedestrian and cyclist facilities
  • Alternative designs/treatments (e.g. traffic lights, road widening)

As a result, the design has been amended to:

  • Provide right turn access from Coromandel Parade into the Magnet Shopping Centre car park
  • Reduce the impact to the grassed area in front of the Church with the omission of the left slip lane from Main Road to Coromandel Parade
  • Pedestrian access and crossing facilities through the project area have been revised

Earlier this year the City of Mitcham undertook further consultation on the relocation of the Blackwood War Memorial Soldiers’ statue, and on 24 April 2018, Council endorsed its relocation in front of the Uniting Church.

For more information regarding this please visit the City of Mitcham website at:

Blackwood roundabout Concept Plan

Please click here for a copy of the current concept plan.

Lane utilisation use will remain the same for all approaches with the exception being the Shepherds Hill Road approach. Both lanes will now be able to go through the roundabout to Main Road towards the rail crossing.  Please click here for a copy of the latest lane utilisation plan.

What's next?

Service relocations have commenced and will continue over the coming months along with other preliminary works including:

  • Telstra service protection works on Coromandel Parade (alongside the Blackwood Uniting Church) staring in the week commencing 15 October 2018 and be complete in early November 2018, prior to Remembrance Day
  • Vegetation pruning and tree removals
  • Preparation works at the intersection in for construction of the new roundabout

Please click here for a copy of the Project Update

If you have any further enquiries or would like to register your interest in the project, please telephone 1300 794 880 or email

To register to receive project information and updates, complete the online feedback form and check the Latest News & Publications page regularly.