Submissions welcome

Infrastructure SA is keen to understand the needs and views of different communities, sectors and regions to help formulate a 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy that engenders positive generational impacts by addressing big issues via wide-ranging and far-reaching initiatives.

We welcome submissions from anyone who would like to inform this process. Submissions can range from a simple letter to a more substantial document and should include evidence such as relevant data and documentation to support your views.

Submissions in response to the Discussion Paper can be made here (please open in Google Chrome browser as you may experience technical issues in Internet Explorer).

If you haven't already, kindly advise the Infrastructure SA team via email if your response will be submitted after 31 July closing date. The link for submissions will remain open for approximately two weeks after this date.

Publication of submissions

As this is a public process, all submissions should be provided as public documents that can be published on this website for others to read and comment on. Submissions will be published shortly after being received and remain here indefinitely as public documents.

If you wish to treat part of your submission as confidential in nature you will need to make a case for this. Confidential material should be clearly marked 'IN CONFIDENCE' and provided in a separate attachment to non-confidential material. The non-confidential part of your submission will be published online.

What is not required

  • Please remove tracked changes, editing marks, hidden text and internal links from submissions.
  • Do not send password protected files.
  • We reserve the right to not publish material deemed offensive, potentially defamatory or out of scope.

Before you submit

Please check the following before making your submission:

  • Personal details are not included in your submission unless necessary. All personal details (e.g. home and email address, signatures, phone, mobile and fax numbers) will be removed before submissions are published on the website.
  • Submissions can be Microsoft Word (.docx) files or PDF files produced from Word or similar text-based software documents.

Submission options

We encourage you to lodge your submission online. However, if you would prefer, you can post your submission to:

GPO Box 2343
Adelaide SA 5001

Posted submissions must be received by 5pm Monday 12 August 2019.

Got questions?

Please feel free to contact us for further information and advice before making your submission. Email:

Use your voice well

Infrastructure SA is here to understand and address key strategic issues with the potential for wide-ranging impacts.

If your say is regarding a relatively small project or specific locality, it may be more appropriate to approach your local council or the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

To help ensure your eye is cast far enough towards the horizon towards the bigger picture, it’s best to consider and address questions of a similar scope to those posed throughout the Discussion Paper.