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Electrification of public transport in Adelaide, including AdeLINK

The South Australian Government has commissioned a $4 million study into the electrification of public transport in Adelaide, including AdeLINK. This study will develop a detailed business case for delivering the AdeLINK tram network. AdeLINK will underpin the principles and objectives of the Government’s Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan (ITLUP) and The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

AdeLINK has the potential to attract investment, boost economic growth and encourage urban renewal and jobs, and bring residents and visitors to the city centre. Providing high quality public transport services will also help drive market demand for residential development in the CBD, inner and middle metropolitan Adelaide.

The study will also articulate an over-arching plan for public transport, and consider the roles of AdeLINK, an electrified train network, and the bus network as one integrated package to reposition the system as a key driver of economic development, urban development, environmental and social objectives.

Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan 

In July 2015 the State Government released the Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan (ITLUP). The Plan focuses on connecting people between places of residence, work and recreation, and connecting business to markets to support economic growth. It is designed to guide private, federal, state and local government investment into the transport system for the next 30 years, and play a key role in ensuring land-use planning, strategic infrastructure planning and transport investment are fully integrated.

Extensive community consultation was undertaken in the preparation of the document. Over 2 500 people attended community engagement events and briefing sessions. This included:

  • holding 32 public events in central locations across Adelaide and wider South Australia;
  • conducting eight briefing sessions for all councils and individual Local Government Association (LGA) and Regional Development Australia (RDA) organisations;
  • attending meetings and other engagements with industry, government and other interest groups;
  • providing various methods for the community to seek further information and provide submissions by way of writing or emailing to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, filling out a survey on the website, calling an information line, visiting South Australia’s Strategic Plan website, or using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Almost 1 500 submissions were received as a result of the community consultation.

There was an overwhelming majority in support for the need of a plan, including from peak industry and advocacy groups, local government, RDA, and the general community.

A significantly higher than average proportion of respondents from Inner (83%) and Middle (78%) Adelaide nominated new tram routes as being most important to them (first priority).

More information on ITLUP can be found at

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide 

An update to The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide is currently being undertaken.  The update will provide the opportunity to include the Government’s transport commitments and priorities, including AdeLINK. The updated Plan will also respond to emerging challenges and opportunities and ensure alignment with other relevant government initiatives. It will also outline the Government’s progress and achievements to date in implementing the 2010 Plan.

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