Building Management

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Building Management division is part of the Business Services Group in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. It provides advisory and management services to assist government agencies and other departmental divisions in:

  • the construction, maintenance, replacement, refurbishment or disposal of buildings, office accommodation, government employee housing and road, rail and marine property
  • the procurement of civil and social infrastructure, and departmental goods and services.

Working with government agencies and the private sector, Building Management ensures that all these activities are carried out efficiently, ethically and for lasting public benefit.

The division’s team of experts oversees State assets valued at more than $13.2 billion.

Its activities are undertaken by four directorates:
Accommodation and Property Services
Facilities Services
Project Services
Strategic and Business Services

For a detailed description of the division click on the fact sheet below:
BM Factsheet

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 for Government Agencies

  for Government Employees





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